Our Companies in Europe are Rebranding as Schlesinger Group

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different here in Schlesinger Europe. Over the next several months, our Schlesinger Group companies in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain will be rebranding under our Schlesinger Group identity.

This is a natural evolution of our European brands, which embodies our core values, our commitment to support our clients’ local and international objectives and to deliver outstanding research results as well as an exceptional research experience.

Each of our teams in Europe is passionate about their local markets and capabilities and is equally proud to operate under one collaborative Schlesinger Group brand.

This multi-country and multi-lingual rebrand is complex and includes legal company names.
We ask for your patience over the next few months while you may see original brand names and Schlesinger Group in use in parallel as you interact with our business.

What is Changing

The Research House is becoming Schlesinger Group UK

Schmiedl Marktforschung is becoming Schlesinger Group Germany

BDI Research is becoming Schlesinger Group Spain

ConsuMed Research becoming Schlesinger Group France

Passerelles, our facility in Paris, is becoming Passerelles Schlesinger Group

In other adjustments, Schlesinger Interactive will become Schlesinger Quantitative to align with our US brand and more clearly describe both the online and in-person-fieldwork services we deliver.

We continue to use Schlesinger Europe to refer our collective offering in Europe.


Why were original company names retained previously?

During the early years of our European acquisitions, we took care to protect the brand equity of these businesses as leaders in their markets. They have operated under their original company names as Schlesinger Group Companies, retaining local and cultural differences while leveraging the synergies of Schlesinger Group.

Why are we rebranding now?

We believe that at a local level, our European clients recognize and trust Schlesinger Group. At an international level, our European teams regularly come together as one team to deliver combined solutions for our clients. A single brand allows for more straightforward brand engagement and one seamless brand experience, whether clients simply require local transactions or more complex solutions that span multiple countries and research methods.

Together, we are Schlesinger Group, working in partnership with you to provide reliable and compelling data for deeper insights and project success.

Our Continued Commitment

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We will satisfy the needs of all our clients by striking a positive balance, embracing cultural variances, styles, and behaviors of each country, with the need for global synergies and consistent quality and brand experiences.

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We will continue in our development as a successful international company that operates effectively through synergies and shared knowledge

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We will continue to learn from our international colleagues and allow each company’s personality to contribute to our culture and our identity.

Thank you for your trust and support over the years allowing our companies in Europe to grow and continue into this new decade and beyond as Schlesinger Group.

Connect With Our Leaders In Europe

Schlesinger Group UK 
Hanna Logan, Managing Director

Schlesinger Group Germany
Stephan Lange, Managing Director


Schlesinger Group France
Thibaut Robin, Director, Healthcare

Mélanie Felix, Director, Consumer & Business

Passerelles Schlesinger Group
Benjamin Montagut, Manager, Client Services

For Further Questions About Our Rebrand in Europe, Contact

Eric Nalpas, Managing Director, Europe
Schlesinger Group

Sue Maldonado, EVP Marketing & Communications
Schlesinger Group