Schlesinger Houston

A New Look at Schlesinger Houston

We are delighted to announce the refurbishment of our Houston research facility and we are thrilled with the result.

Three, high-specification focus group and in-depth interview suites have been redesigned with all your research needs and your comfort in mind.

Facility Features

  • Spacious research suites
  • Contemporary interiors
  • Private client lounges
  • Flexible room styles
  • Super-size conference room
  • High-specification technology
  • FocusVision & FV360
  • Knowledgeable, client-centric team
  • High-quality on-site and off-site recruitment

John Simon, Director, Client Solutions, commented, “Our new Houston office offers a modern, functional space for our clients to conduct research. Our location is just minutes from one of the largest medical centers in the world, making Houston an ideal market for physician and patient research, and our new super-sized conference room, with seating for up to 40, allows our clients to take advantage of Houston’s diverse population for consumer studies, CLT’s, and jury research.”

Supporting Our Community Through Art

In choosing a new art collection for our facility, Schlesinger Houston connected with Children’s Art Project, a foundation that sells merchandise inspired by the artwork of Children’s Cancer Hospital patients at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Take a 3D Tour | Visit the Houston Webpage

Chat with Us

John Simon
Director, Client Solutions
T. (214) 790-2512