Digital Qualitative

Drive understanding and bolder decisions with industry-leading qualitative research platforms, recruitment expertise, and world-class project management.


Digital Qualitative Made Smarter, Faster, and Easier


Powerful Technology

Get closer to your target audiences to meet a multitude of research objectives. Our proprietary suite of intuitive ResTech solutions make it easy to connect, engage, listen, elicit insights, and share the voice of the customer.


Digital Qual Expertise

Tap into decades of online qualitative experience and the specialized knowledge of our digital team. Our team serves as an extension of yours, providing unparalleled support and a commitment to your success so you can focus on the research outcomes.


Recruiting Specifically For Digital Qual

Vast, deeply profiled panels blended with diverse recruitment approaches specifically for digital qual gives you access to respondents in broad and niche markets. Behavioral social media recruitment is just one technique in our toolbox that targets participants who actively demonstrate confidence in engaging online.

Our Digital Qualitative Approaches

Online Discussions

QualBoard® delivers advanced online discussion technology, bringing multiple approaches together into one easy solution. Participants take part on their schedule, engaging in a variety of activities so you can deliver clarity and depth of insights.

Web-Enabled Focus Groups & IDIs

Expand your reach and increase your speed to market. QualMeeting®, our real-time interview solution for virtual focus groups and IDIs, combines the reassurance of visual and audio signals of in-person interactions with the convenience and reach of online.

Mobile Ethnographies

Gain an unprecedented look into the homes and experiences of the consumer. Powered by our Over The Shoulder® app, mobile ethnographies offer a dynamic way to collect detailed in-the-moment and in-the-emotion insights.


Build your online community once and use it many times to gather critical insights. We provide a right-sized, pre-recruited group of your target audience to tap into over the course of several months or more. If you want to start small, we grow your community as your needs grow.

Hybrid Quant + Qual

Intercept high-performing survey respondents for individual, text-based chats. QuantText is a seamless way to add qualitative depth to your quantitative studies.

Global Solutions

The answers to your questions may not always be close to home.

At Schlesinger Global, we provide global reach and diversity for your digital qualitative recruitment and project management through our teams in Europe and through our trusted network of strategic partners to allow for better insights worldwide.


Local Language Platform
Support for Peace of Mind

Ease of access, platform confidence and a positive session experience are all critical to your research success. Our industry-leading online qualitative solutions include local European language technical support. The comprehensive service includes moderator training and set-up, respondent tech checks and troubleshooting.

Languages supported across the USA and Globally: English (24 hours, 7 days)

Languages supported locally in Europe: English, German, French, Spanish (8am–midnight, local time, 7 days)

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