Hybrid Research Solutions

Close any potential vacuum between Qual and Quant methods to achieve broader and more accurate data.



By combining research methodologies, researchers achieve a cost-efficient and time-effective solution that encompasses both human-centered insights and analytic confidence within target markets.

We understand there is more than one way to get answers to your important questions.

Concurrent combination of online quantitative and qualitative methodologies

Qualitative study incorporating a mix of approaches or technologies

Quantitative study which incorporates qualitative elements

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In Series or In Parallel

Whatever your need, Schlesinger Group is uniquely positioned to seamlessly combine traditional qualitative methods with a range of online qualitative or quantitative solutions. Let us help you to meet the full scope of your objectives by integrating research methods in creative ways to maximize participant engagement.

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One Point of Contact

You will also have the choice to liaise with just one point of contact who will coordinate across our local teams to recruit and engage your target respondents for telephone interviews, online focus groups, online bulletin boards, ethnographies, and of course, for traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews.

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