Facility Video Technology

High-specification video technology to support your in-facility studies.


Moderate Anywhere™​

Researchers can conduct in-facility IDIs, focus groups, and CLTs from anywhere they have a computer, webcam, and internet. With our proprietary research technology, we host your study participants in our facilities, while streaming a live two-way video experience to the moderator. With Moderate Anywhere researchers can overcome travel restrictions, short research timelines, and logistical or security concerns associated with shipping materials or prototypes to respondents. ​


virtual aisle

Virtual Aisle By Schlesinger

Simulate a real-world in-store shopping experience at any Schlesinger Group office in the US to enable in-context shelf learning. Virtual Aisle displays life-sized, high-resolution images of shopping environments allowing researchers to quickly test merchandising placement, POS signage and branding elements, and pricing strategies. 


Schlesinger Video Services


Schlesinger OnDemand

Access Your Digital Recording at Your Convenience

Schlesinger OnDemand gives you access to your research recordings online, at any time within 24 hours of your research sessions. Download your focus group and in-depth interview digital recordings straight to your computer or watch and/or share your research recordings from our secure dashboard.



HD Video Recording

Request our high-definition video recording capabilities across our focus group facilities in the US and UK.  Researchers have the option of recording qualitative studies in standard-definition or high-definition format.


FocusVision Streaming at Schlesinger


Schlesinger Group facilities partner with FocusVision, offering both Classic and 360 immersive video solutions, where researchers can view your focus groups and interviews remotely, either in real time or at a time that suits you.

FocusVision Immersive View


A breakthrough system that dramatically increases the speed, collaboration, and impact of qualitative insights and customer understanding. The 360° camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation, where expressions, emotions, and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed and evaluated.

The camera signal feeds to a backroom monitor, giving in-person observers a “face to face” view of all respondents. On-site and remote observers can actively collaborate in real time using embedded chat, video markers and file sharing.



Formerly VideoStreaming, FV Classic Live lets professional researchers and key stakeholders observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs from any location. Whether watching from the backroom or remotely, everyone can be a part of the action, in real-time.