A Complete Solution from Your Video Data Capture to Your Video Insights

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Access Video Faster & More Easily
Capturing, analyzing and sharing in-person research has never been simpler with Schlesinger Group’s new integration with Voxpopme®. Now, recordings of your qualitative sessions can be added directly to the Voxpopme® platform for access within just one hour then fast agile analysis and easy sharing with just a few clicks.

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Analyze at Speed and Scale
Sessions are transcribed and time-coded to easily extract the most relevant snippets. Sentiment scoring and automated theme coding allow you to quickly and easily uncover the most important insights across all your research sessions.

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Share Compelling Video Insights
Easily create a shareable showreel to summarize your findings for stakeholders. Achieve fast, precise and agile video data analysis so you can focus on delivering compelling insights. Revisit video and analytics for up to 2 years, creating time and cost efficiencies.

How It Works


Qualitative researchers leverage Voxpopme® automated data analytics so they can to focus on interpreting findings and sharing insights.

agile transcription

Agile Transcription

Videos uploaded to Voxpopme® are transcribed, time-coded, and quality checked. Once in the platform, videos can be filtered based on the transcription or other additional data that has been provided alongside the video.


Interactive Analytics

Videos are rated for sentiment, and interactive charts and word clouds are available to help you explore your content.

key themes

Discover Key Themes

Say goodbye to manual coding and quickly discover the themes that matter most. Theme Explorer, an advanced thematic analysis tool, instantly identifies the keywords and phrases from your video project – taking you straight to the video snippets where respondents mention your chosen theme.


Understand Sentiment

Voxpopme® brings you the most sophisticated sentiment analysis tools to help you categorize video content by respondents’ feelings.

Understand the sentiment behind every single sentence, in every response, or take a step back and view sentiment at a theme level to see where your brands delight customers.

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