Jury Research Facility & Recruitment

At Schlesinger Group, we understand the very specific needs of jury researchers. Trial and jury consultants trust Schlesinger Group to help them conduct legal focus groups, mock juries, or mock trials to create a strategy or adjust an approach to help them win their important legal cases.

Intelligent Recruitment is Key

Schlesinger Group helps you achieve a final set of 12 well-targeted individuals to participate in your research. We recruit and assemble members of the population who represent an actual jury in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, backgrounds, political opinions, etc.

Finding the right participant is or paramount importance to the outcome of your case. Experience and resourcefulness are pivotal to intelligent recruitment.  Our teams go further and dig deeper to find the right participants.  They apply their talents to an arsenal of web, phone, and in-person recruitment methods and techniques which set us apart in finding and engaging your target mock jury.

We work closely with you in a rigorous screening process that is an integral part of our success.  Screening involves excluding anyone with ties or special interest in the case parties, witnesses etc.  We work closely with your jury consultant to compile relevant background questionnaires to capture backgrounds, experiences and attitudes ensure we exclude any participating who in at trial might be excluded for hardship or cause.  During telephone screening, we deploy elimination questions and distractor questions to ensure the respondent is unaware of which questions led to their exclusion.  On-site screening is also important to the integrity and confidentiality of the process.  We rescreen the participants to ensure their responses remain consistent and, at times, to add a final screening layer.


Jury Leader
Your process can include allowing the real-life scenario of your jury electing their own leader or alternatively, we can recommend a jury consultant who is expert at leading discussions and in ensuring everyone shares their opinion.

A Consultative and Collaborative Approach to Project Management

Our talented project managers have an uncompromising commitment to your success and focus not only on your results but on delivering an exceptional research experience.


Research Spaces in Key Markets

Schlesinger group owns world-class research facilities available seven days per week in key markets in the US and also recruits to smaller markets and venues of your choosing.


Flexible Jury Research Environments

We provide spaces ideal for legal focus groups or mock juries in several of our locations (Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, NYC, Atlanta and Phoenix) have double-size rooms to allow for more complex research or full mock trials.

Specialized Research Locations

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Spaces Customized for Research

We provide rooms separate from the participant engagement room with one-way mirrors to allow clients to view the proceedings and converse without influencing proceedings.
Video/audio recordings are discrete and do not require additional technical support.
We are expert at creating a personal, confidential, and intimate environment for your research.
We provide client lounges and cater to your personal preferences.
Participants are welcomed in a separate area where they can conduct final re-screening and relax and enjoy refreshments.
We also supply break-out rooms for deliberations and focus groups.

Enhance Your Research Results

Our jury research services can also be enhanced by the use of mobile research labs.


In-Person Dials Testing for Mock Juries

Gauge presentations appeal and interest via closed-end questions responded to non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and delivering results live to you and your clients.  Enhance, simplify and accelerate your jury research data collection.



In-Person Neuroscience Jury Research

Enhance, simplify and accelerate your data collection. Measure audience reaction to concepts, presentations and visuals, eliciting honest and uncontaminated feedback, in real-time.


Online Jury Research

Online jury research cuts across geographical boundaries and time restrictions.

Online Qual

Online Qualitative Jury Research

Conduct multi-location sessions in one day or separately or recruit respondents across geographic boundaries and a wider timescales. Fast recruitment and no travel schedules allow you to conduct more research in less time. Our solutions come with a range of multi-media capabilities to enrich the online experience. Participants can mark-up stimulus with visual images and text providing your clients with creative, visual feedback direct from mock jurors.


online survey jury research

Online Survey Jury Research

We program and host online survey questions for participants to answer either onsite using tablets during a mock jury session or remotely.  Additional trial preparation services include online or in-field community attitude surveys and change of venue surveys.


online surveys

Online Neuroscience Jury Research

Techniques such as facial coding allow you to passively measure subconscious emotional response to stimuli using just a webcam.


Ready to learn more about mock jury recruitment and conducting your research at Schlesinger Group?