Why Choose Schlesinger for Your Online Qualitative Needs?

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Increased Engagement
We are one of the few companies who can combine core strengths in panel, data collection methodologies, leading technology systems and platforms, plus experience to create outstanding solutions globally.

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Expert Project Managers
From project set up, platform training and management, recruitment, respondent engagement task optimization and results delivery, we have you covered each step of the way.

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Consultative, Flexible Approach
Our online qualitative experts help you choose the right method or platform for your research objective and your budget. We work with what we believe is the best technology and platform support on the market. Or we can recruit to your preferred platform.

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A Wide Portfolio of Solutions
Communities and bulletin boards, digital ethnographies and video-diaries, platforms feature full mobile functionality, video clip editors, task optimization, mark-up tools, gamification, word clouds and word trees – with full support for troubleshooting any platform issues.

Benefits of Using Online Qualitative Methods


Gain a Unique Perspective Into the Behaviors of Target Audiences 
Along with rich, qualitative data, through a social media-based approach.


Gain Insight in a Day or In Longitude 
Conduct multi-location research in one day or over a wider timescale to meet specifics objectives or understand wider perspectives.


Enhanced User Experience
Our solutions come with a range of multi-media capabilities to enrich the online experience and provide your clients with creative, visual feedback direct from their consumers.


Expand Your International Reach
Conduct multi-location groups separately or in one evening or to bring geographically dispersed respondents together. Multi-language capabilities open up new markets.


Increase Your Speed to Market
Fast recruitment and no travel schedules allow you to conduct more research in less time.


Get Answers in the Field and On the Go
With mobile functionality of platforms.

Web-Enabled IDIs & Focus Groups

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Combine all the convenience of an online method with the reassurance gained from experiencing the visual and audio signals of a participant as they interact with the group. Webcam and streaming technology provides a truly qualitative environment, even in the most remote regions of the world, when travel is not an option. Your dedicated Civicom technician will be well-trained and experienced.

Features include:
Expand your international reach
Increase your speed to market
Enhance participation experience with multi-media tools
Run cost-effective studies


Our technology partner for the best in web-enabled focus groups and IDIs.

Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in marketing research solutions and provides specialist platforms for our comprehensive range of online qualitative methods and specializes in facilitating web-enabled focus groups and IDIs. Technical know-how, people know-how and creative thinking are their key fundamentals. Together, we set the standard in client-centric online qualitative solutions to enable the highest-quality conversations and engagement.

More Online Qualitative Solutions

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Chat Room Focus Groups

Gain a fast top-level reaction to concepts and media from geographically dispersed respondents. Respondent anonymity elicits direct, honest feedback helping you to quickly get to the heart of any issue. Book, recruit and run your groups in a matter of days. Perfect in a time crunch, online groups let you respond quickly to your clients needs. During the sessions, Respondents can also be divided into breakout groups for more intimate discussions and then brought back to the larger forum generating more insight in less time.

Expand your international reach
Increase your speed to market
Enhance participation experience with multi-media tools
Run cost-effective studies

Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Bulletin Board focus groups are highly involved discussions that unfold over extended time frames. Participants share their thoughts with great clarity and depth in bulletin boards, offering an unexpected level of understanding. They log in at their convenience resulting in more time spent on the research and rich insights that go deeper than the average focus group.

Overcome time zone limitations
Greater geographic reach to larger respondent groups
More in-depth transcripts for greater insight
Bulletin board diaries
Multi-mode options to break out into one-to-ones

mobile qualitative

Mobile Qualitative

Mobile qualitative research allows moderators, observers and participants to engage in research from tablets or smartphones.

Mobile applications fully integrate into the online platform to maintain the same tracking, reporting and analysis tools available for bulletin board research and online communities
Take research into the field to gain immediate responses that eliminate the need for participant recall
Replicate ethnographic research with participants anywhere, anytime, allowing for text, photo and/or video questions and responses
Match the look and feel of your marketing materials with branded interfaces
video diary

Video Diaries

Innovative technology for ethnographic-style research

Ideal for multi-methodology studies (IHUTs, shop-alongs & in-person research)
Video diaries elicit direct and honest feedback without any influencer effect
Video diaries can capture opinions and experiences anywhere, anytime

Mobile devices recording capabilities allow for on-the-go participation
Video report deliverable provides the voice and face of the consumer with clips easily dropped into client presentations
Searchable video with video-synched transcripts
Easy to combine with other qualitative methodologies

Online Communities

You can be sure your team is extremely knowledgeable, well trained and focused on your success.  Your dedicated project manager will partner with you for proactive project advice, support and monitoring during your entire study and push the boundaries of our capabilities to deliver the results you need.

Global Solutions

The answer to your question may not always be close to home. At Schlesinger Global, we provide global reach and diversity for your online qualitative recruitment and project management through our proprietary companies in Europe and through our vast network of strategic partners to allow for better insights worldwide. Civicom solutions are available for use in almost every country and language and our services include local interpreter/translator or moderator services, as required.

Online Qualitative Best Practices

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Asynchronous Online Qual

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Are you a research participant?

If you have inquiry about joining our panel or about a study that you are participating in, contact our panel services team only: Help@InspiredOpinions.com


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