Why Choose Schlesinger for Your Online Qualitative Needs?

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Recruiting Capabilities
We combine core strengths in panel, recruiting, and project management to deliver engaged participants who are confident online, We support you each step of the way to create outstanding results globally.

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High-Performing Tool Kit
Our unique suite of in-house platforms developed and managed by 20|20 Research for a range of online qual approaches set us apart. We make it smarter, faster, and easier to get the impactful insights you need.

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Our online qualitative experts help you choose the right method and platform for your research objective and budget. We support moderators’ platform success and ensure participants are confident users.

20|20 Research Joins Schlesinger Group

20|20 Research adds high-quality proprietary online qualitative tools to Schlesinger Group’s portfolio of capabilities. When it comes to online qualitative, the depth of your insights and the stories they reveal should have no limits. Our QualBoard®, QualMeeting®, and iModerate Chat solutions set the standard for rich capabilities and ease of use.


Local Language Platform Support Sets us Apart

Ease of platform access, platform confidence, and a positive session experience are all critical to research success. We are the only leading platforms for online qualitative studies that come with local European language technical support. Our comprehensive service includes moderator training and set-up, respondent tech checks, and troubleshooting.

Languages supported across the USA and Globally: English. (24 hours, 7 days)
Languages supported locally in Europe:  English, German, French, Spanish.  (8am–midnight, local time, 7 days)


Our Online Qual Methods & Platforms


Web-Enabled IDIs & Focus Groups

Expand your international reach and increase your speed to market.  An ideal solution for hard to reach targets, sensitive topics, and when travel is not an option. Combine all the convenience of an online method with the reassurance of visual and audio signals as participants interact.

This method is powered by QualMeeting® or QualBoard®

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Discussion / Bulletin Boards

Overcome time zone limitations and gain greater geographic reach to larger respondent groups. Discussion or Bulletin Board are highly involved discussions that unfold over extended time frames. Participants log in at their convenience and share their thoughts with clarity and depth, resulting in rich insights that go deeper than the average focus group.

This method is powered by QualBoard®.

online ethnography

Online Ethnography

Mobile Ethnography solutions give you an authentic look directly into the home and experiences of the consumer without interrupting their natural environment. It’s a flexible and convenient way to interview participants and collect detailed responses, media, and in-the-moment insights. Combine with other methods or use for longitudinal studies.

This method can be powered by Over The Shoulder, QualBoard® & QualMeeting® 

guided text chats

Guided Text Chats

Discovering critical insights requires an approach that enables individuals to share what they otherwise wouldn’t. Moderators conduct guided text-based chats one-on-one in real time. Use as a stand-alone qual solution or part of a hybrid design providing depth to a quant survey. This tool is an ideal approach for moving further, faster and for empowering brand exploration, customer studies, stimuli tests, and more.

This method is powered by iModerate™ Chats  .

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Private Online Communities

Let us help you build a customized community that allows you to tap into your target audiences for quick turn-around results and longitudinal data collection. We use a broad range of recruiting techniques to deliver your target community members. Your dedicated project manager will partner with you for proactive project advice, support, and community monitoring.

Lean Communities

Half the cost, twice the agility. Lean Communities leverage the latest tools, including AI and predictive analytics, to deliver flexible communities with less effort. Communities are a build-once, use many times way to gather critical consumer stories. Ideal for long-term engagements or a handful of smaller studies, you’ll have a right-sized, pre-recruited group to tap into over the course of several months or more.

mobile qualitative

Mobile Qualitative

Mobile qualitative research allows moderators, observers and participants to engage in research from tablets or smartphones. Mobile applications fully integrate into the online platform to maintain the same tracking, reporting and analysis tools available for bulletin board research and online communities. Take research into the field to gain immediate responses.

Global Solutions

The answer to your question may not always be close to home. At Schlesinger Global, we provide global reach and diversity for your online qualitative recruitment and project management through our proprietary companies in Europe and through our vast network of strategic partners to allow for better insights worldwide. 

Online Qualitative Best Practices

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Are You a Research Participant?

If you have inquiry about joining our panel or about a study that you are participating in, contact our panel services team only: Help@InspiredOpinions.com


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