Dials Testing

Enhance, simplify and accelerate your data collection. Measure audience reaction to concepts, communications, and media, eliciting honest and uncontaminated feedback, in real-time.


Dials Testing Combines the Qualitative Insights of a Focus Group
With the Quantitative Precision of a Survey

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Gather Instantaneous Data
Gauge interest and appeal to a concept or media via closed-end questions responded to non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and delivering results live to you and your clients.

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A Tested & Trusted Data Collection Tool
Powered by Perception Analyzer®, Dials by Schlesinger uses the latest dials, well-maintained and supported by a knowledgeable and moderator-friendly Technical Facilitator to guide you through your study.

Quickly Understand Perceptions and Better Predict Outcomes


Get real-time efficient collection, aggregation and presentation of data


Increase group engagement and participation and easily interact with participants


Use live data to adapt to real-time responses to drive group discussions


Encourage honest responses through anonymity


Reduce the impact of group dynamics


Determine the direction and intensity of attitudes and opinions


Allow everyone in the your group or audience an equal voice


Obtain immediate and flexible reporting

Applications for Dials Testing

Dials by Schlesinger is well-suited for providing continuous evaluation of any length communication or test material in focus groups, central locations, audience, and other environments.

Evaluation of products, brands, and concepts
Advertising testing, from story boards to final production
Product materials, whether in print, audio or video format
Response of audiences to communications such as speeches and presentations
Appeal of television programming, radio advertising, movies and advertisements
Fine tuning of arguments in mock trials
Better understanding and prediction of jury behavior

A Range of Question Types Available for Programming

Your project objectives and analysis models drive your questions and question types.  We program the system for your questions and support your program on-site.

Capture straightforward answers including ‘Yes/No’. Discrete choice questions are close-ended questions with pre-defined responses.

They allow participants to select one response from a list. Each response is coded to a value, with the range of values appearing on the dial display as the dial is turned.

The Results
The software displays responses in graphical, quick frequency, and crosstab views, and it allows for easy export to SPSS, Excel®, or virtually any advanced analytic software. You can also save results in JPEG, PDF, and other graphical file formats, or convert to HTML for sharing or posting online.

Intensity scale questions capture a participant’s preference over a range of values, such as 1 to 10 or 0 to 100 (you can program any custom scale between 0 and 100).

Intensity scales can be used to measure opinions, attitudes, or projected behavior on a variety of scales, including:

  • Agreement
  • Appeal
  • Likelihood to purchase

This type of question captures positive or negative response as well as the intensity of the response.

The Results
The software displays results as a mean value plus a histogram showing frequencies across various range level.

Trade-off questions present participants with differential choices, comparing items in a pair-wise fashion such as:

  • Item A versus Item B
  • Item A versus Item C
  • Item B versus Item C

The Results
The software summarizes these comparisons, showing preferences and the strengths of preferences, revealing not only which item is preferred, but by how much.

Moment-to-Moment questions capture participants’ varying, real-time reactions in response to continuous stimuli. As participants view the material, they constantly adjust the dial. The system frequently polls the dials, typically once per second, and stores the results synchronized with the timeline of the visual information.

Moment-to-Moment is most often used to test:

  • Television ads
  • TV pilots
  • Debates
  • Live presentations
  • Other video or audio programs

The Results
The Perception Analyzer collects data and plots as a multi-line-graph. The software can also super-impose the graph over the test material. This creates an overlay and synchronizes participants’ feedback to the stimuli for a revealing look at its impact, moment-to-moment. Data points for each dial during each second of the test may also be exported for further analysis and replotting using different subsets or criteria.

You have several options for viewing the data. You can show:

  • The total sample as a moving white line
  • Multiple subsets as moving color-coded lines
  • The total, running cumulative mean
  • Moment-to-Moment means for the total and the subsets
  • A histogram of how the dial ratings are distributed throughout the test
Dials Overlay on Screen

Flexible Reporting

  • Data is immediately available
  • Option to share live results with moderator, participants and clients, as preferred
  • Set and review demographic profiles for the data collected
  • Display data in aggregate or by subset, and analyze data across multiple subsets
  • Superimpose results over the visual stimuli and include in your report in video format
  • Save the data in different file formats (SPSS, Excel®, PowerPoint®, or export data for advanced group analytics)
  • Reports and overlays can be made available through a secure web portal

Supporting You All the Way

We help you at every step to integrate the Perception Analyzer® into your study.  Our Dials by Schlesinger Technical Facilitator is on-site with you during your entire study, setting up your sessions, running the system and making any adjustments to adapt to developments of your session. We:

Program the questions into the Perception Analyzer ® software
Deliver the Perception Analyzer system to the project venue
Set up and test the system with the on-site audio/visual equipment
Operate the Perception Analyzer system during your sessions
Deliver data files and present results in a range of formats and profile sub-sets

Ready to get started or learn more about measuring unbiased perceptions to your stimuli?

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