Eye Tracking

Maximize the impact of your marketing and design success. Schlesinger partners with IVP Research Labs to bring you eye tracking labs online or in-person across our facilities, at your preferred venue, or in-field. Whatever your chosen technique, Schlesinger recruits for the particular nature of your eye tracking lab to optimize study success.


What is Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking is sensor technology for the measurement and recording of eye gaze activity in response to stimuli. For marketing research application, an eye tracker will track eye position and eye movement, including pupil dilation, to pinpoint interest and reveal reactions which might otherwise be go unreported.

Researchers are interested in points of ‘fixation’: The ordered list of the eye gaze movements to process the information, i.e. what is seen and what is not seen: Time taken to arrive at a fixation: Length of fixation: And number of fixations per element of the stimulus. The behavior which is exposed by eye tracking is used to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and response.

Why Use Eye Tracking

Captures all eye gaze movements instantly

Observe in real-time or post testing

Avoid respondent bias

Unobtrusive technology

Pre-test designs to ensure they achieve the desired impact

Understand user behavior and predict audience responses

Maximize the impact of your marketing and design success

Compelling data visualization for your reports

Eye Tracking Solutions to Fit Your Research Needs

Eye Tracking

In-Person Eye Tracking

Our MobiLAB™ ET eye tracking service, powered by Tobii, provides both qualitative and quantitative results that allow you to climb into the eyes and mind of a consumer to gain true insight into a product’s design implications.

Eye tracking is a combined software and hardware package designed unobtrusively to capture the conscious and unconscious eye gaze movement of a respondent. A unique and reliable methodology for assessing design impact or usability of websites, advertisements, brochures, logos, packaging, retail display and product design.


Mobile Device Eye Tracking

In-Person Eye Tracking for Mobile Research

Gain an understanding of how users interact with your mobile devices, apps and ads. Mobile Device Eye Tracking includes an HD camera which captures small and closely located design elements in the detail required to analyze the small screen to high quality.  The lab compensates for natural head movements and varying light conditions typically encountered with mobile device testing.

Test participants interact with their mobile devices naturally, smoothly rotating between portrait and landscape modes.  The lab can be applied to all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones, navigation devices, e-readers, and tablet computers,


Online Eye Tracking

Online Eye Tracking

Now, marketing research respondents can participate in eye tracking research from anywhere they have a webcam and an internet connection. MobiLAB™ ET Online delivers the same advanced eye tracking metrics as traditional in-person eye tracking. Researchers can measure what people engage with, for how long they engage, and the order in which they engage. MobiLAB™ ET Online comes with an easy-to-use web portal for stimuli presentation, recording, visualization and analysis.

Taking your lab online, makes eye tracking ubiquitous, scalable and cost effective.


In-person eye tracking can be combined with other emotional and behavioral lab using IVP’s Integrated Lab, validating your research data even further.

What Do You Get?

Striking Visual Data for Reporting and Presentation

Heat Map

Transparency Map

Dot Map Visualizations

Eye Tracking Heat Map

Recruitment Optimized for Your Research Lab

Recruitment success goes beyond tracking down and your precise target and convincing them to participate in your study.  When researchers meet their respondents, they need the assurance that participants will be able to interact and express themselves effectively, that they are accustomed or comfortable with technology being deployed, and cooperative and engaged with the technique being used.


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