The method is frequently adopted for business professionals, healthcare professionals, international projects, and ‘hard-to-reach’ groups such as senior executives of large companies.  Consumer groups are also often contacted for telephone interviews in particular, for customer/member satisfaction.

We have vast experience of both ad-hoc and continuous phone projects and our services are customized for end-to-end project management or à la carte support.   Schlesinger takes care to ensure your recruitment is optimized for a successful telephone interview.

Your Telephone Interview Your Way

Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIs)

Conducted by Our Insight Provider Clients

Tele-depth interviews are the leading telephone solution chosen by our clients. Live interviewers can ask probing questions and tailor the interview to the respondent as the conversation develops and where they is any uncertainty, clarifications can be made at the time.  We recruit, and schedule and pay telephone interviews on behalf of our clients and the insight provider make the call and conducts the interview.

online surveys

Webcam TDIs

Webcam depth interviews allow the respondent and the moderator to see each other and for the interview to be recorded for later reference or to capture the voice of the customer.
Depending on the platform selected, stimulus can also be shared via the web stimulus. Respondent mark-ups can also be recorded.

Web Assisted Telephone Interviews (WATI)

For both moderator and Schlesinger conducted interviews, web-assisted interviews allow the interviewer to show question prompts or other stimulus to the respondent live via the web.

Telephone Interviews

Conducted by Our Team of Experienced Interviewers

We recruit from a carefully selected and managed panel and conduct telephone interviews according to a survey and brief provided by our clients. Our interviewers are selected for their interpersonal qualities trained to manage the intricacies of telephone sampling and interviewing. Our training has particular focus on codes of conduct and respondent rights, as well as the value undertaking interviews of the highest quality.


Telephone Pre-test

Ensure your final online survey is pre-tested the market with members of your actual target.  We recruit, set up and schedule pre-tests deploying from a range of testing platforms to best suit your survey and your test objectives.

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