Transcription Services

Schlesinger Group provides transcription of focus groups, in-depth interviews, or any other kind of qualitative study. Quite simply, we deliver fast service with precision results.



For Any Qualitative Methodology

We provide transcription or notes for focus groups, IDIs, telephone interviews, or any other qualitative method. We transcribe equally for non-Schlesinger studies under any topic you can research.


Seamless Process

We manage your data transcription directly from any Schlesinger facility or from audio files sent to us. Our team of US-based transcribers will be ready to start work immediately.


Transcription Quality Guaranteed

Before we deliver your transcript, each file is quality checked for accuracy and consistency. Our team is prepared to deliver your completed project in about two business days.


Our Standard Format

You receive your research transcripts in’ Standard Verbatim’ format.  We lightly clean up the dialogue for you,  to remove  ‘thinking noises’ such as   “um,” “ah,” “uh“ or stutters to provide you with an accurate transcript with increased readability.


Other formats are available upon request for an additional fee.

Enhance Your Transcripts

Speaker IDs

We can indicate the first name of each participant as they speak throughout the entire document.



We can add timestamps throughout your transcript at 3, 5 or 10-minute intervals.


Transcript Highlighting

No need to trudge through pages of transcripts to pinpoint keywords or phrases. Let us do that for you.


Word Clouds

A representation of the most discussed terms in a study, adding visual impact to your presentation.




If you do not require full transcripts, we offer note-taking services from your audio recordings providing a non-verbatim, abridged account of your research.



Our Data Security Assurance

We operate within Schlesinger’s stringent data security infrastructure taking a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to ensure your data is protected.

Our stringent human security procedures form part of employment contracts and security training and monitoring programs.  We make a significant investment in security technology to ensure effective file encryption, safe file transfer, and closed networks.

What Our Clients Say

I have had the pleasure of working with Schlesinger Transcription for years and can recommend the whole team strongly. Their quick turnaround, the accuracy of verbatims, and personable responsiveness go above and beyond. Having a rapid and reliable source for verbatims is a tremendous asset when bringing short-turnaround to highly-complex reports to life.”

— David DiCicco, DiCicco Research

Whether online, in-person, IDIs, groups, healthcare or consumer research, the quality of the transcriptions has been exceptional and the flexibility of the team has made the process a lot easier than previous partners. Working with a team that is responsive, proactive, reliable, and fast has been critical for us and Schlesinger transcription has always delivered on these fronts.”

— Laura Gomez Westraad, Strategist/Bilingual Moderator, LBR Insight

Schlesinger provides exceptional transcription. There are never misunderstandings and the most complex scientific and medical discussions are precisely transcribed. I have not found another service that offers 100% accuracy, outstanding customer service, and quick turnaround times (24 hours if needed). Schlesinger Group is my “go-to” for transcription services.”

— VP, Corporate Development, Biotech Company in San Diego

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