The Schlesinger Quantitative Advantage

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Unparalleled Understanding of Quality Drivers
Our online experts apply their knowledge and experience to drive outstanding results across panel, sample and survey.  Technology-driven quality controls ensure advanced data collection validation.

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At the Front Line of Survey Optimization
Survey optimization is paramount for reliable results. We conduct our own research on participant behaviors to build on our expertise ensuring the highest engagement.

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Quality Across Our Global Network
Our strong, well-profiled proprietary panels are enhanced by access to a stringently vetted global network. We are highly adept at global feasibility and executing multiple panels for outstanding survey results.

…Enhanced by Our Qualitative Heritage


Real People. Real Data
Much of our panel is built through custom recruitment of in- person projects, providing a high level of authentication. This is a key differentiator which tends to yield better quality because respondents are trusted real people.


Expert Project Management
Qualitative or quantitative. We know trust is earned and our clients get the same smart, consultative data collection support for their projects from a team which is extremely knowledgeable, well trained and focused entirely on your success.


Enhanced Panel Integration
Many of our panels participate in qualitative as well as quantitative studies creating relationships allow for significantly higher levels of interaction with many of our participants than any other online panel.

Survey Consultation

We apply our knowledge and experience to deliver open and honest project feasibility.  We know panel size is not the only determining factor of a successful partner or project. Whether or not we can get a project completed is our focus. Investing the time to understand your needs and goals and customizing a survey solution and recruitment plan specific to your project is what sets us apart.


Comprehensive Online Survey Solutions

Whether you need a simple questionnaire or a detailed study, whether you need an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the data collection puzzle, our team of survey management and optimization experts are committed to high-touch project support and laser focus.

online surveys

Precision results from expert sampling of deeply profiled, diverse, and expansive global panels

Programming & Hosting
Simple to complex design and logic. Branded & customized in any language. Real-time data monitoring.

Integrated Qual
Automatically intercept high-performing survey respondents for guided text-based chats in real time.

Data Processing
Actionable data delivery formats. Tabulations, back translations, open-end coding.

Topline Report / Analysis
Obtain topline reporting or analysis to your specification. (Optional outsourced service)

Enhance Your Survey with Integrated Qual

guided text chats

Guided Text Chats with Surveys

Move your project further, faster. Intercept high-performing survey respondents for guided text-based chats one-on-one in real time providing new depth to your quant survey as a single solution.

This integrated method is powered by iModerate™ Chats, an innovative 20|20 Research tool.


Market Cube Joins Schlesinger Group

A technology-led global quantitative research and data collection business, Market Cube delivers high-quality data faster, with more intelligence, agility, diversity, and scope.

A diverse portfolio of global panels enhances our data collection power in the consumer and B2B markets, processing over 9 million survey completes each year.

Combining the Power of Proprietary & Partner Panels

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Diverse & Extensive Global Proprietary Panels

We employ numerous traditional and innovative techniques and resources to build our own diverse and extensive panels worldwide. Varied methods of recruitment ensure a wide respondent pool from which to collect your data.

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High-API Connectivity to Partner Global Panels

Through the combined power of proprietary Schlesinger Group and Market Cube panels and highly scrutinized third-party panel providers, we provide a single point of access to leading panels around the world.

consumer surveys

Consumer & B2B Surveys

We processes over one billion data points every year to understand respondents in depth

Machine learning creates precise, intelligent targeting.

High API connectivity allows Market Cube to integrate at speed with the leading panels around the world.

Advance data science models integrate survey responders with respondent profiles to create new layers of insights.


Healthcare Surveys

Over 50% of our studies are for the healthcare arena. We recruit a broad range of healthcare professionals to participate in surveys including physicians, KOLs, advisors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, pharmacists, veterinarians, and administrators such as healthcare payers and their specialties.

We track over 326 medical conditions in our panel of patients and care-givers and also track health and well-being choices.


Measure Shifts in Attitudes & Behaviors with Tracking Studies

We understand the importance of capturing changing attitudes over time to better understand marketing and communication implications for brand awareness, market trends, product launches, customer experience, employee engagement, and cohort studies.

Schlesinger Quantitative conducts hundreds of US and global tracking studies annually across consumers, healthcare professionals, and patients. Our dedicated teams comprise individuals with extensive experience in data collection as well as full-service backgrounds. This combination allows us to consult on optimal data sources, consistent data sources across waves, and timing and frequency of data collection. We are adept at incorporating time-sensitive topics without impacting trendability.

Mobile Device

Reaching the Mobile Respondent

Our leading-edge survey software is compatible with a broad range of browsers and mobile devices, so our advanced logic capabilities are applied seamlessly to your survey.

Yet just because we can, does not always mean we should. Given some of the highly advanced and customized capabilities of our survey software and programming. We review each survey design to determine if it is suitable to be administered on a small screen device.

Your Data is Our Highest Priority

We have made significant investments to enhance capabilities, efficiency and most importantly, our security. Our internal control system has been developed for the highest security of client and participant data during all stages of your study and our on-going partnership.  Our data security includes measures for;

  • The prevention of unauthorized access to your survey
  • The protection of your survey response data while on the internet via SSL encryption technology

Data Integrity Software:

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