Hanna Assouline


Managing Director, The Research House


Hanna Assouline leads Schlesinger Group UK and oversees our research services offices and facilities in Central London and Wimbledon.

Hanna began her career in Market Research working for Made in Surveys as Facility Manager before becoming Head of Qualitative Services. She joined the Schlesinger team at The Research House in 2018 as Facility Director, where she applied her facility management experience to strengthen the team with an emphasis on client experience. Shortly after, she took over the management of Schlesinger’s Paris facilities to further develop her experience and apply her skills to the French market.

In 2019, she was promoted to Managing Director of The Research House, a role in which she leads excellence across our broad range of qualitative and quantitative solutions.

Hanna is fluent in English and French, allowing her to strengthen the bridge between our UK and France offices.

In her free time, Hanna enjoys travelling the world, her latest destinations being Japan and the Dominican Republic.

Industry Activity

Insights Association Member
WiRe Member
AQR Member
MRS Member

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