Jason Horine


Vice President, Client Solutions

Jason Horine deploys 15 years at Schlesinger Group, to develop client relationships by solving for our clients and identifying growth and partnership opportunities. Jason has direct, personal experience with every facet of Schlesinger Group in the US: He managed the expansion of the Chicago operations, initially in project management and ultimately as Managing Director; he relocated to California to run the San Francisco office; he developed and launched Schlesinger’s Online Qualitative Solutions division; he is a business developer for Schlesinger Quantitative. The hands-on operations experience in a variety of roles has provided him with specific knowledge of Schlesinger’s suite of products and services that allows him to be an educator and consultant.

Jason has a unique perspective for online qual solutions, and with recruitment for online qual. With experience coordinating a range of online qualitative methodologies, including OLBBs, OLFGs, MROCs, Mobile Ethnographies, and Video Diaries, he has a line of sight into dozens of research platforms and technologies. He also manages our relationships with the technology providers we have partnered with to deliver a turnkey solution for our clients.

Jason is an alum of the University of Kansas and continues to root on his beloved Jayhawks throughout the basketball season.


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