Melanie Felix


VP, Operations, Europe

Melanie Felix leads Schlesinger Group’s Operations in Europe. She joined SG in 2008 and has acquired extensive experience in project management in both healthcare and consumer businesses. Since 2013, she developed the consumer and business activity as well as the phone room to internalize recruitments for the french division. In order to do so, she went to other divisions to acquire the necessary know-how to undertake these tasks. She thus demonstrated her ability to work with leaders across business units and multiple lines of business, consistently sharing and gaining experience with her colleagues.

Melanie brings more than 10 years of marketing research experience in project management and recruitment. She has management skills where she trains and manages project managers, oversees the call center, panel, GDPR compliance, and translation teams.

Her job consists of working across geographies and making sure people are learning to use processes and tools to their fullest; so the teams have the necessary tools to build partnerships with clients and keep them happy. She ensures investments and technologies are being used. She has the heart to develop people as well as drive consistency across the teams.

Melanie has both Mauritian and French nationalities. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing.

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