Pam Lintner


Vice President, Client Solutions

Pam Lintner heads up our operation and services in Chicago and St. Louis.  In her role of Vice President at the company, Pam oversees challenging studies, client development and special projects that require her background in strategic planning and knowledge of the market research industry.

Pam’s experience is deeply rooted in qualitative research, having served at research companies such as Saperstein Associates, Delve and Qfact, where she managed accounts as a preferred partner for The Procter & Gamble Company.  Pam’s experience gives her a research perspective both of an end-user also as a trusted partner.

Pam graduated from The Ohio State University with a major in communications, a minor in public opinion and a passion for asking questions and uncovering the answer.

On the weekends, Pam can be found taking in the best of what the Bay Area offers whether it’s sailing, discovering a new winery or making friends with tourists who have lost their way in her charming Russian Hill  neighborhood.

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