ThinkPhar Joins our BDI Research Team in Spain

BDI Research, our brand in Spain, has acquired ThinkPhar, a qualitative research consultancy specializing in healthcare. This move supports BDI’s strategy to expand its healthcare expertise in Spain, and underscores Schlesinger Group’s continued commitment to delivering unparalleled qualitative solutions worldwide.

The value of this move is reflected in the combined strength of the two companies: ThinkPhars’s expertise in the Spanish healthcare market and its talent in moderation and analysis complements BDI’s strong recruitment and project management capabilities, and world-class facilities.

Commenting on the news, Rosa Dalet, BDI Research, said, “ThinkPhar and BDI have long been strategic partners in supporting international research objectives, sharing core values of quality and a client-centric approach. ThinkPhar’s decision to join BDI is a natural evolution of that relationship. Ana Gutiérrez is medically qualified and one of the leading pharma marketing research specialists in Europe. Her team’s integration will augment our qualitative healthcare research solutions to create substantial value for our clients in the healthcare arena.”

Dr. Ana Gutiérrez, of ThinkPhar, added, “Our combined suite of services allows our clients the choice of support for just a piece of the research puzzle or an end-to-end solution from feasibility consultation to reporting, and everything in between. Now, as part of the Schlesinger team, the expansion of our capabilities to online studies and a global reach is a clear added benefit for our clients, reinforcing BDI Research as a partner of choice in Spain.”

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