QualBoard Project Chat – Tools for Collaboration in Your Online Qual

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Our clients tell us all the time that they are looking for better ways to collaborate once in field so they can ensure their qual study aligns with their stakeholders and their objectives.

So our development team has been hard at work on features that foster communication and collaboration within your digital qualitative project, enabling you to keep your research on track and deliver impactful insights.

With QualBoard Project Chat, you have a backroom space to engage with your clients and colleagues in real-time on insightful moments as they are happening. Whether you are reviewing your discussion guide, debriefing daily, or joining breakout sessions between interviews, project chat gives you one place to communicate on all your qual project needs – without leaving the platform.

With this feature, you can:

  • Access our pre-created backroom and event-based channels
  • Create custom channels to fit your communication preferences
  • Take advantage of built-in video calls when your discussion requires real-time interaction

Connect with a research specialist today to see how you can use Project Chat with your next QualBoard project.