How to Choose the Right Survey Sampling Option for You

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You decided what you need data on, built an airtight survey, and even outlined the audience you want to target. Now how do you get in front of the right respondents? With so many options for survey sampling, it can be difficult to navigate which method is right for you. Each method has its place, and you may find you move between all of them depending on your goals. Start your evaluation process by asking yourself a few key questions.

1. When You Need Confidentiality and Verification

Do you:

  • Have market research experience?
  • Have a longer timeline?
  • Need highly verified participants?
  • Need to prioritize confidentiality?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, then online panel is the best option. Online panels put respondents through a series of quality control checks and sometimes offer premium panels with higher levels of verification. However, these measures can increase the time to complete, so it may not be the best method if you have a tight turnaround. Experience with market research can be beneficial when using online panels as you define your audience, but it isn’t strictly necessary with the right sample partner.

2. When You Need Cost Effective, Large Audiences

Do you:

  • Have market research experience?
  • Have a short timeline?
  • Have a tight budget?
  • Need a large audience?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, then programmatic sample is the best option. Programmatic sample taps into third-party panel providers using API connections. As this method leverages numerous providers, it is easier to access a larger audience without significantly increasing your timeline or budget. It is more difficult to ensure panel quality with programmatic sample. This option is best for projects that don’t require high levels of confidentiality.

3. When You Need Niche Groups and a Helping Hand

Do you:

  • Have little to no market research recruitment experience?
  • Have an established insight community?
  • Need a regular supply of new, verified respondents?
  • Need niche or hard-to-reach audiences?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, then quantitative recruitment-as-a-service (Raas) is the best option. Quantitative RaaS takes the work of finding new, verified respondents for your insight community off your plate and leaves it in the hands of your partner’s capable experts. They find the niche audience members you need, so you can focus on creating activities and delivering insights. This is the most hands-off approach to survey sampling, but it is feasible whether you have a short or long timeline.

Whether you need to prioritize confidentiality, cost, or specific target audiences, there’s a survey sampling option to help. The odds are good that you will use all three options at different times and for different projects, so it is helpful to have a partner who can help you move between them seamlessly, such as Schlesinger Group. You can start your next project with us by requesting a bid.

If you still aren’t sure which option is best for you, request a consultation with our team of experts. They’ll be happy to find the right solution to achieve your goals.