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Inclusive Recommendations for Screener Review & Identity Questions

The contents of Schlesinger Group’s recently released guidelines, “How to Craft Inclusive Demographic Questions,” include inclusive screener review recommendations for open-ended questions and self-identification options that, among other things, present best practices for transgender and non-binary inquiries.   Schlesinger Group, the world’s most comprehensive data solutions and research technology provider, recommends this approach out of respect [...]

Compelling Conversations – Asynchronous vs Synchronous Research

Listen to our latest webinar to hear how you can effectively take advantage of an agile research approach.

The Agile Research Cycle

Implementing agile research in your organization sounds daunting, but it’s a cycle, not a one-and-done task. Take it step by step, iteration by iteration.   Those steps are simple: How to Conduct an Agile Readiness Assessment  How to Get Leadership Buy-in for Agile Research  Investing in Agile Research Technology  How to Shift Your Culture Toward Agile [...]

Five Steps to Implement Agile Research

The term “agile” is everywhere these days – agile teams, agile development, agile marketing, and yes, agile research. Everyone talks about agility and why your business needs to be more agile, so you probably already understand that adopting agile development processes helps teams achieve better results by delivering outcomes to their customers iteratively based on [...]

How to Optimize Agile Research to Streamline Success

You’ve successfully implemented agile research at your organization – congratulations! You already know agility is a way of operating, not a one-and-done solution. As your organization changes and grows, your process likely will too. That is, after all, the whole idea behind your agile transformation: making changes based on regular feedback. This requires continuous monitoring [...]

How to Shift Your Culture Toward Agile Research

Seventy-six percent of organizations undergoing an agile transformation cite “transforming the culture and ways of working" as their biggest challenge. How do you even begin to address the need for a culture shift? It can feel like a daunting task. Simplify it by tuning into the known issues first. Do you or others on your team [...]

Tips to Select the Right Agile Research Technology

Agile research technology streamlines business decision making with quick-turn, repeatable consumer insights.  This technology enables you to automate much of the setup and fieldwork, speeding up the process and keeping your research truly agile. While this could be one of the most fun steps in your agile transformation, it can also feel overwhelming. With more [...]

How to Get Leadership Buy-In for Agile Research

If the first step in implementing agile research at your organization is to assess your current situation, the second is most certainly to get leadership buy-in.   Without leadership’s support for agile research, it will never get off the ground. Luckily, making your case is not an uphill battle, if you prepare yourself.  How to Assess [...]

How to Build a Foundation for Agile Research

Agile research is an exciting and useful tool for many organizations but getting started with it can be the largest hurdle to overcome. Between resistance from leadership or your own team, the overwhelm of selecting the right agile research technology, and understanding the right places to use agile research, there’s a lot that goes into [...]

Your 5-Step Formula to Implement Agile Research

Innovative teams use agile research and methodologies to inform better business decisions. To leverage agile research as an effective performance driver, you need a strong foundation in the steps to using such powerful tools.   In this presentation, Ryan Crawford, Vice President of Client Service for Methodify at Schlesinger Group, presents his five-step formula to help [...]