Alexis Mangan


Vice President, Client Solutions

Alexis Mangan joined Schlesinger Group in 2019 as Vice President of the Client Solutions team. Alexis has an extensive background in Market Research that has provided her with a deep understanding of the insights industry. Alexis’s roots lie in the quantitative space, and she has served many roles since her start as a project manager at Millward Brown in 2003. Most recently, she spent 5 years as Senior Director of Client Development at Op4G, where her focus was in healthcare and senior B2B research. Alexis is a strong believer in understanding her client’s business objectives and ensuring that her team meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Alexis has a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Sacred Heart University, and she is a member of WIRe and Insights Association. Alexis lives in CT and enjoys skiing in the winter and boating in the summer and traveling with her family.

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