Eric Nalpas


Executive Vice President, Schlesinger Europe

Eric Nalpas is Managing Director of Schlesinger Group Europe, overseeing the development and synergy of our brands in Europe: Schlesinger Group FrancePasserellesSchlesinger Group UKSchlesinger Group Germany, and Schlesinger Group Spain.  Eric is based at the Schlesinger Group France offices in Paris.

Eric has had a career spanning twenty years in the market research industry and fifteen years in the consumer electronics industry. Eric speaks fluent English.

Eric worked with A.C. Nielsen for ten years in the durable products arena.  He then joined the RCA / Thomson group overseeing several businesses at European and then at a worldwide level.  Eric oversaw the company’s video product market, launching the flat-screen business in Europe and developing the accessories business in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Eric returned to the market research industry in 2008 as owner and Managing Director of ConsuMed approached by Schlesinger in 2010, ConsuMed Research joined Schlesinger Group and Eric also took directorship of the French operation. Eric was promoted to lead Schlesinger’s European services in January 2013 and most recently oversaw the acquisition and successful integration of BDI Research in Spain.

Eris is an active member of Syntec and ASOCS in France, EphMRA, and Insights Association.

Eric is married with two daughters.  He is a graduate of the Paris X University with a Master’s degree in Economics and Marketing.

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