Shawn Marcellus


VP, US Qualitative Operations, Schlesinger Group

Shawn Marcellus leads Schlesinger Group’s vast recruiting operations in the US, collaborating closely with our Panel and Project Management leaders. Shawn employs numerous traditional and innovative methods of recruitment to ensure a wide respondent pool from which our clients can collect their data. Her expertise is drawn from a unique blend of industry understanding, data collection knowledge, quality drivers, behavioral data, recruitment experience, and effective partner relationships.

Shawn joined Schlesinger Group in 2020 following Schlesinger’s acquisition of Focus Pointe Global, and her proven talents were quickly leveraged to oversee recruiting excellence in the US.

Shawn began her career in market research at Focus Pointe Global in 1996. During twenty years at FPG, she led qualitative recruiting and project management operations, overseeing healthcare, consumer, and B2B project success. Our clients benefit from Shawn’s feasibility consulting skills, allowing her clients to understand target populations access, project constraints, timelines, obstacles, and, most importantly, recruitment possibilities so that projects are set up and optimized for success.

Shawn is an active member of the Insights Association and WiRe.

Shawn is a bona fide city girl currently living in the New Jersey suburbs, with her husband, stepson, and two dogs. In her free time, Shawn enjoys beach life and a little retail therapy.

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