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No One Gives You Greater Access to In-Person Research

One third of the US population is located within one hour’s drive of a Schlesinger Group facility.

All of our US facility markets are now open, with the exception of NYC. While public transport options are less frequented, you can rely on our strategically located facilities and our recruitment power to draw in more of the US population.

In-Person Project Success

Our clients are successfully conducting in-depth interviews, focus groups, usability testing, and clinical testing. Show rates continue to be excellent, and clients and respondents are relaxed and confident in our procedures.

Risk-Free Planning | In-Person Precautions All Facility Markets

Need More?

Extend your geographical reach as a single project. With innovative online qualitative tools, by 20|20 Research, we set the standard for rich online capabilities and ease of use.

We support the planning and execution of your important studies.

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