Four Strategies to Save Time with Digital Discussions

At Schlesinger Group, we understand the need for faster, more flexible research — it’s why we built our QualBoard discussion platform. To help you make the most of your time, here are four simple ways you can increase efficiency with your next QualBoard project.

1. Logic & Branching

Program your discussions with logic and branching. Using both close- and open-ended questions, you can customize the respondent experience and even pre-program your follow ups to save time.

2. Insights Tags  

Take advantage of Insight Tags to categorize your text and media findings under key themes or concepts as they emerge. This allows you to increase your efficiency in the reporting phase.

3. Smart Replies  

Use suggested responses to help you quickly and effectively moderate your research. This can give you back hours of your time to spend in other areas.

4. Analytics Reporting  

Start your analysis with our built-in reporting. Using concept and sentiment extraction, you can find key themes within your research in seconds.

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