QuantText Integrated Qual

A New Approach to Hybrid Research

We’re excited to introduce you to our new hybrid approach, QuantText. Designed to elevate your survey insights, QuantText is a seamless solution for adding a qualitative phase to your quantitative research.

Formerly known as iModerate Chats, QuantText’s individual, text-based chats integrate with your quantitative surveys to give you the “why” behind the “what.”

With this straightforward, insights-driven approach, it’s easy to add dimension to your quantitative studies so you can deliver human depth and empathy alongside your existing quantitative precision.

Plus, QuantText provides deeper perspectives to drive smart, informed business decisions without adding time or complexity to your research.

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No matter the topic or objective, the individual nature of the chats makes them ideal for going beyond surface level answers. Whether it’s diving deeper into sentiment with a brand tracker, exploring further on a concept test, or anything in between, QuantText delivers added context to elevate your survey research outcomes.

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