Baltimore Research is now part of Schlesinger Group, and a leading provider of outstanding recruitment and research services including our studios in Baltimore, nationwide and worldwide.


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Intelligent Recruitment Services

We recruit for and diligently manage any kind of market research study, including focus groups, IDIs, ethnographies, telephone interviews, a range of online qualitative methods and quantitative studies. Our recruitment markets include healthcare, consumer, IT, and B2B. Baltimore Research applies fierce panel management, stringent quality control protocols, acute attention to detail and a heavy dose of creativity.


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Baltimore Research Facilities

Baltimore Research places your studies in our high-specification Baltimore facility or in our Schlesinger facilities across the US and Europe.


We Take Your In-Person Qualitative Study Across the Globe


A Little About Our History

Baltimore Research began its journey in research in 1960 as one of the first viewing facilities in the United States. While rooted in traditional brick-and-mortar methodologies, in 1996 we made the leap to leave our mark on the insights industry by transforming the research experience. This innovation started as creative spaces for clients in the facility and later evolved into cutting-edge research solutions geared towards helping our clients get answers to their specific business questions.

In 2019, Schlesinger Group, as a result of a long-standing friendship and partnership with Baltimore Research, acquired the company. The synergy between Baltimore Research and Schlesinger companies, in terms of a client-centric approach, high-quality research services, and shared core values and culture was a fundamental driver in this decision. Baltimore clients now benefit from the combined power of the Baltimore Research team, as well as Schlesinger’s extended qualitative and quantitative data collection reach, resources, and world-class facilities.

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Ted Donnelly, PhD, PRC
Vice President, Research Solutions
Baltimore Research, A Schlesinger Company
+1 (410) 286-1480 x163

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