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Sensory Research

Sensory Research is in High Demand at Schlesinger Group Our clients report that seeing participants interact with products in-person provides rich nuanced feedback that allows for better understanding and confident decision-making. Our Large Spaces are Ideally Suited to Sensory Studies  Our locations across key markets in the US feature supersized research and testing spaces, allowing […]

Online Qual for Q4 Research Success

High-Performing Online Qual for Q4 Research Success As the busy end-of-year research rush is in full swing, Schlesinger Group is pleased to offer a suite of tools for online research from 20|20 Research. With this flexible group of solutions, our team and technology help you deliver impactful insights for your clients, on your timeline. Below […]

UK is Open for Essential Research

Schlesinger Group UK is Open for Essential In-Person Research We are delighted to share good news today that Schlesinger Group UK is open for essential face-to-face research, including healthcare research and studies focused on COVID-19. Our team is following MRS guidance which interprets the latest COVID-19 government restrictions, imposed in November 2020, and the implications […]

Europe COVID-19 Update

A Status Update for Qual at Schlesinger Europe There have been recent changes to restrictions in Europe and we would like to keep you abreast of research possibilities in our locations. Where in-person research is not an option, our proprietary online platforms support easy-to-use online methods to allow you to continue your important research. Status […]

CEO Founders Unscripted

A unique opportunity to listen in on an after-hours fireside conversation with Founder CEOs. These are extraordinary times. At a macro-level, the global pandemic is shaping every aspect of life and has created a global recession at unprecedented speed. In marketing research, the impact stories can be extremely different depending on who is sharing them. [...]

Risk-Free In-Person Research Q4

Risk-Free In-Person Research for Q4 Researchers are taking advantage of our risk-free in-person solutions, which we have extended as our business is ramping up into Q4. As we prepare your in-person project, we will safeguard it with a backup plan for an online solution through our high-performing proprietary 20|20 Research tools or a platform of […]

Presidential Debates Neuro Research

Schlesinger Group Partners for Neuro Research During Presidential Debates Schlesinger Group is the recruitment and facility partner for neuro research studying voters’ responses to the US Presidential Debates on September 29, 2020  and October 22, 2020. Together with our research partners, IVP Research, HCD Research, and Shimmer, we will observe in real-time a group of […]

Amplify: Global Insights Summit

You’re invited to Amplify: 24 HR Global Insights Summit You’re invited to join our first ever 24-hour global insights summit, Amplify! Presented by Delvinia and Schlesinger Group, the event will take place on November 12 starting at noon sharp. And unlike any of its kind, this summit is designed to be truly global with 4 […]

Senior Leadership Expansion

Schlesinger Expands Its Senior Leadership  We have expanded our senior leadership and made a series of C-suite promotions to support recent growth and our integrated service objectives. Steve Schlesinger, CEO, said, “We believe in investing in talent across our core solutions and corporate services, and I have immense trust in this remarkable team to unlock further value for our clients and drive success. The new structure completes a highly focused team to drive functional strategy, operational excellence, and seamless […]

Companies in Europe Rebrand

Our Companies in Europe have Rebranded as Schlesinger Group Our Brand Alignments This rebrand is a natural evolution of the European brands which already share Schlesinger Group’s visual identity, core values, our commitment to support local and international objectives and to deliver an exceptional research experience and results. The Research House is now Schlesinger Group […]