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Join Us at OCT

Join Us at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Schlesinger Clinical Research is delighted to sponsor Outsourcing in Clinical Trials USA virtual conference. Schlesinger Clinical delivers comprehensive clinical data collection solutions and unparalleled access to your target audiences for data you can trust. Our streamlined approach to recruiting and project execution includes certified teams, 30 proprietary sites, […]

Swing Voters Webinar

Hear the Latest Findings from Our Swing Voter Research Schlesinger Group is the recruitment partner for the Swing Voter Research project, a collaboration with Engagious and Dialsmith, to explore swing voters opinions in key battleground states as they prepare to vote in the 2020 presidential election.  This series of in-person and online focus groups, spanning more than 18 months, uses Perception Analyzer Dials to eliminate ‘group think’ and allows the moderator […]

Online Qual Webinar

Explore How to Choose the Right Online Qualitative Schlesinger Group is delighted to offer a unique suite of in-house online qualitative platforms developed and managed by 20|20 Research. We invite you to join our 20|20 team as they share an overview of the online methods available and how to identify the approach that best fits […]

Senior Appointment

Schlesinger Clinical Research Appoints Erica Figueroa as Senior Client Solutions Leader We are delighted to have appointed Erica Figueroa as Senior Vice President, Client Solutions to support the company’s continued growth. Erica will play a pivotal role in partnering with Schlesinger Clinical’s accounts to foster understanding of our growing portfolio of solutions and support their […]

Companies in Europe Rebrand

Our Companies in Europe have Rebranded as Schlesinger Group Our Brand Alignments This rebrand is a natural evolution of the European brands which already share Schlesinger Group’s visual identity, core values, our commitment to support local and international objectives and to deliver an exceptional research experience and results. The Research House is now Schlesinger Group […]

Our Research Labs Partner

Gain Deeper Insights & Compelling Data Visualization with Qualitative Research Labs Schlesinger Group partners with IVP Research Labs for qualitative research technology labs, in-person and online. Whether you wish to precisely measure web or product usability or whether you wish to go beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures, IVP’s research labs are designed to […]

Swing Voters in Warren, MI

Swing Voters in Warren, MI Weigh in on Election 2020 Respondents from Warren, MI took part in a swing voter focus group on July 20, 2020 as part of Schlesinger Group and  Engagious' swing voter series, where they facilitate twenty-one focus groups in key battleground counties across the USA to explore swing voters opinions leading [...]

Local Language Support

Local Language Platform Support for Online Qual Has Arrived in Europe Schlesinger Group and 20|20 Research have enhanced our online qualitative services in Europe with local native language platform support. When Schlesinger acquired 20|20 Research earlier this year, 20|20’s high-performing online qualitative tools immediately became a key feature in our suite of services in the […]

Schlesinger Clinical Research

We Have Branded Our Clinical Division ‘Schlesinger Clinical Research’ We are delighted to announce that we have added Schlesinger Clinical Research, a clinical data collection services provider to our suite of brands following our substantial growth in the discipline. Schlesinger Clinical Research addresses an unmet need in the market by encompassing all data collection aspects […]

GRIT Top 50

We’re a GRIT Top 50 Innovative Company Schlesinger Group is proud to be included in the 2020 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, a strategic planning tool highlighting innovation in the insights industry. The Business & Innovation Edition 2020, highlights innovation in the insights industry and publishes the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative companies. The report uses […]