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Schlesinger Group Launches Crowd Survey

Our team has announced the launch of Crowd Survey, a seamless solution for delivering large-scale insights in real time.

7 Best Practices for Screener Writing

In this guide, our team has compiled seven best practices for designing a screener that will ensure you target and secure your ideal audience.

Designing Mobile Qualitative to Achieve Better Insights

Learn 12 tips to help you design and conduct effective mobile qualitative research while keeping the respondent and their experience top of mind.

Webinar: Deciphering Human Factors

Chris Kim, MD, Vice President, Human Factors, answers questions around the evolving topic of Human Factors.

Introducing Crowd Survey on QualBoard

Do you need both the scale of a survey and the immediacy of real-time, digital insights? QualBoard’s new event, Crowd Survey, can help.

9 Tips for Elevating Your Questionnaire

Our new guide shares the recent research trends and 9 areas of principal focus for designing high-performing survey questionnaires.

The Swing Voter Project: November 2021 Update

In this month’s Swing Voter Project update, swing voters respond to critical issues such as Biden’s travails, infrastructure, inflation, changing priorities, and Facebook.

QualBoard: Introducing Screen Recording

Introducing Screen Recording QualBoard Enterprise Platform Testing a new website? Exploring path to purchase? QualBoard now includes screen recording questions so you can seamlessly capture your respondent’s screen in an asynchronous event – enabling you to get a first-hand view of your customer’s experience without having to be there live. Joining open-ended, close-ended and media-response questions, […]

Schlesinger Acquires Methodify & AskingCanadians

We have added Methodify by Delvinia, a global automated market research platform, to our growing portfolio of research technology. We have also added online consumer panel, AskingCanadians by Delvinia, to our global panel assets.

Deliver Your End-of-Year Insights with Confidence

QuantText™ Integrated Qual Deliver Your End-of-Year Insights with Confidence At Schlesinger, we understand the fourth quarter brings many challenges – including the ability to deliver your research on time without sacrificing the quality of your data. Using our new hybrid approach, QuantText, you can rest easy. This method seamlessly integrates qualitative insights into your quantitative […]