Yujin Kim


Manager, Client Services, South Korea

Yujin Kim joined the Schlesinger Group family in 2021 when Addison Research was acquired by the company. As a manager of client services, Yujin Kim oversees account management and client partnership for South Korean clients. She has been pivotal in strategizing and attracting international research from South Korea to North America. Yujin is a familiar name in the South Korean market research industry and serves as an industry expert and leader in quantitative and qualitative research solutions. She is fluent in English and Korean.

A seasoned South Korean researcher since 2005, Yujin has worked and partnered with all major research agencies in the country, managing end-to-end research projects from planning and bidding to analyzing and reporting. Yujin has managed research projects in multiple industries such as consumer appliances, FMCG, finance, mobile communications, and food, primarily targeting global markets. Yujin understands the importance of relationship management and has leveraged her strategic partnerships to enhance business development in the Korean market based on her abundant experience in this field.

Yujin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Sociology from Chungnam National University in South Korea.

Industry Involvement

  • Insights Association

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